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My Stance On Gypsys.

Today, I watched My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding for the first time. I’m a pretty open minded person, so I don’t really care what other people do and how they live their lives. However, I am finding a hard time understanding the Gypsy logic. At least in this episode. Other types of Gypies might have different ideals.

About fifteen minutes into the show, I was surprised to find out that when most Gypsy girls are married, they are virgins. I was surprised because most of the young Gypsy girls in this episode were wearing short shorts, showing off their cleavage, etc. Do you see where I would have a problem understanding this?

A couple of minutes later, Priscilla - this episode’s main focus - is pulled out of a party because of the actions of gorgios. (What Gypsies call non-Gypsy people.) The gorgio girl in question was dirty dancing with a boy at the party. But Priscilla, who was belly dancing (by herself) in a shirt that cut off a couple of inches below her chest was in the right. Another point that makes no sense.

Why is a fourteen year old belly dancing by herself in a shirt that shows all of her midriff any better than a girl around the same age, with less skin showing dirty dancing with a boy?

It’s not. They’re both equally bad.

My last point is about one of the outfits that Priscilla chose to wear to a Holloween   ball her father was throwing for her to potentially find a husband. Her first outfit was a bright, big pink dress with hearts all over it. Showed off a little of the sides, but not bad. The seond outfit was this:

And her mother got all choked up because she thought the outfit showed off how pure her daughter is. Ummm, HELLO?! Do you see how this makes NO SENSE?! Your FOURTEEN year old daughter is wearing booty shorts and a rather skimpy top, with hearts on her ass and boobs, and you think thats PURE?

Like I said before, I have no problem whatsoever if people want to live any kind of life they want. Do whatever you want. It’s your life, not mine. I’m a very open person.

I don’t know if all Gypsies are like this, but this family makes no sense.